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Power Cable Characteristics Of The Industry

Power cords and plugs the industry is characterized by low technological content, Power Cable easy production, and low investment, and even family workshops. Power Cable In view of this feature, there will be a lot of power cord and plug manufacturers, and buyers choose a lot of leeway, so buyers often only consider the price! When a buyer asks, "How much does this plug cost?" How much does this power line cost a meters? "Few buyers ask too many other questions, a few who are responsible or understand the market will ask, Power Cable this power cord and plug is not certified?" But these buyers are also in the completion of a form, manufacturers how may not be certified? This is not to smash their own rice bowls, certification has flooded: steal, expired certification PS, Power Cable spend a small money to buy other companies certification and so on behavior has lost its true meaning.

Since the buyer only care about the price, the merchant some behavior is also helpless, Power Cable the wire, the PVC material must not be soft, gloss is not clear, tensile strength and swing test will not be extravagant. Again to study the copper wire, price pressure down, if in accordance with customer requirements to do so, manufacturers must close the door, or the boss is a philanthropist, dedicated to the industry. The hands and feet inside the copper wire is very easy to understand, either a few strands, Power Cable or the diameter is smaller, of course, copper clad aluminum family workshop will not be discussed, because the number of copper wire is everyone counted out, Power Cable so the general manufacturers will be in the diameter of copper wire fuss. In this way, buyers will not know unless they have a professional test. Sometimes the professional buyers in cooperation will do a test, but it is easy to be the business for the first time to eat a little loss, according to the standard to do, the following cooperation is not the same, complex and cumbersome test procedures, buyers can not every time to go to test. Power Cable If there is a problem, the so-called contract plainly is a piece of paper, really not play a leading role!

Power cords and plugs the industry on the surface is: as long as the power is good. Power Cable But blind pursuit of price advantage, the quality of the power line is conceivable! Originally a power cord and plug can be used for 5-6 years, now up to 2 years, and security to play a question mark, Power Cable the buyer's own sales of the product is also a sarcastic challenge! Imagine that the buyer's own products, such as household appliances, Power Cable electrical equipment, and so on, their products in the low price of power cord and plug power, how far can go?

The main part of the power line fault tester is composed of three main parts, such as the cable path meter, Power Cable the power cable fault tester host, and the cable fault locator. The cable fault fixed-point instrument is the base of the cable fault tester to determine the approximate position of the cable fault point and determine the precise position of the fault point of the cable (power cord). Cable (Power cord) fault Tester The host is used to measure the fault nature of the cable fault and the approximate position of the full length and the cable fault point from the test end. For the unknown direction of the buried cable (power cord), Power Cable you need to use a path to determine the cable (power line) of the underground direction. The basic method of power cable fault testing is to use high-voltage pulse on the fault power cable, to produce breakdown at the fault point of the cable (power line), and to produce the electromagnetic wave at the same time as the fault breakdown point of the cable (power line).