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Power Cable Effect

Sampling batch is specified for every 20km power cord product. Power Cable If the sample has been tested for nonconformity, double the number of tests shall be taken, and the unqualified items shall be inspected, Power Cable such as 100% of the nonconforming items.

Prepare before production

1.1 clear production tasks, Power Cable leading the specifications of the insulation core.

1.2 Change the pitch by process card.

1.3 Remove the obstructions around the cable machine.

2 operational requirements

2.1 Operators must be familiar with a variety of insulated wire core diameter, structural size.

2.2 operation when the cable must be uniform, Power Cable and maintain a certain tension, Power Cable to prevent the core in the cable machine on the loose and mess, hanging off.

2.3 will be 2, 3 or 4 different colors of the reel were installed in the cable machine power cord plug, Power Cable the reel into the line at the location of the shaft.

2.4 will be cable into the core of the cable through the cable into the shaft hole.

2.5 into the cable, you should first check the cable pitch correct, Power Cable in order to officially boot production.

2.6 into the cable power cord should be stripped of insulation, Power Cable the conductor cut half of the tight, the connector can not be greater than the cable diameter, and in the connector for the mark.

Whether it is about the family day or the working environment, Power Cable qiaopu power cord can be said that we all ordinary days and work will encounter a common supplies. Power Cable For the kind of common common supplies for my production of the day to provide a lot more lunch, but also let us be able to use electricity very well. However, referring to qiaopu power cord internal composition, Power Cable we do not necessarily know.

Originally, each specification of the qiaopu power cord, mainly composed of three most of the composition. These three major components constitute some of the outer protective cover, conductor and inner protective cover. Power Cable These three primary parts constitute a qualified power cord. Power Cable And each of them is playing a different effect.

Top, outer protective cover

It has to play the role of protection of the power cord, Power Cable so the outer protective cover with high heat, low temperature, can interfere with the natural light disturbance and the use of life is very high-level features.

Second, inner sheath

It is an insulated jacket, used to wrap the cable, Power Cable is a layer of information between the shield and the core, usually made of polyvinyl chloride and other materials. It can be said that it is something that some of the power line components are indispensable. If you do not have it, then you can not guarantee the safety of the power cord. This is why the wire does not leak the cause of the location. Power Cable In general, the inner protective cover is insulated jacket, Power Cable due to be set in the outer jacket and conductor between, so the information is very soft.

Third, qiaopu power cord conductor some

Usually by copper or aluminum and other information to fill the wire. Power Cable But the most common is still using copper wire as conductor. Power Cable And copper wire size with the quality of the power cord is very close contact, can say that a good qiaopu power cord, the number of its copper and flexibility must be in line with the norms.