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Power Distribution Block In Favor Of Overhaul

"Distribution Box", also called the Power Distribution cabinet, Power Distribution Block is the general designation of Motor Control Center. Power Distribution Block The distribution box is a low-voltage power distribution device, which is assembled in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or a screen width according to electrical wiring requirements. The normal operation can be connected by manual or automatic switch or break off the road. Power Distribution Block Failure or abnormal operation of the use of protective electrical equipment to cut off the circuit or alarm. The measuring instrument can show various parameters in operation, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to prompt or signal deviation from normal working state.

Easy to manage, when the circuit fault occurs in favor of overhaul. Distribution box and distribution cabinet distribution panel distribution, and so on, is a centralized installation of switches, Power Distribution Block instrumentation and other equipment sets. Commonly used in the distribution box has wooden and iron plate system, now where the power consumption is very large, so still the use of iron more. Power Distribution Block The use of Distribution box: Of course, it is convenient to stop, power transmission, to measure and judge stop, the role of transmission.

The Household power Distribution box is also called the lighting box or the strong electric box, he belongs to the Home electricity terminal protection device, Power Distribution Block the incoming line end connects to the electric meter the outlet side, the outlet end connects our household electrical. It is the last safeguard to protect our electricity security. The commonly used model is PZ-30 type lighting box.

PZ-30 Series power Distribution box rated current 100A generally by the leakage protector, Power Distribution Block isolation switch, fuse, high segmented type small circuit breaker (also called micro-fault), and other components in accordance with the terminal electrical device. It has a variety of protection devices such as electric shock, short circuit, overload prevention and leakage prevention. In the choice of household distribution box must first understand two things:

One: The micro-break size of the electric meter outlet end, Power Distribution Block usually 63 Ann. Since the home distribution box is linked to the outlet side of the meter box, we have no more than 63 control of the total path when choosing PZ-30.

Second: Calculate the use of good household appliances through the current, reasonable distribution control branch current circuit breaker. Usually we choose 2.5 square conductor for home lighting with 16A micro-fault because the air-conditioning and water heater consumption ratio is large, Power Distribution Block usually choose 20A to 25A micro-break and 4 square wire!

Main function of household distribution box The function of the household distribution box is to cut off and connect the power supply, effectively control each power line, and achieve the purpose of safe electricity. Household use for indoor control distribution box, Power Distribution Block its structure is generally composed of leakage switch equipment and metering equipment.

Household distribution Box Working principle power supply gate--"leakage protector--" fuse these three units are sequentially linked, the 220V mains to the main gate of the distribution box, Power Distribution Block then this mains through the power distribution box of the main gate, into the leakage protector, and then finally through the leakage protector into the fuse, in the fuse through the two-way power output.

The installation position of the distribution box should avoid direct sunlight, avoid splashing water, avoid moisture, and have ample operation space ahead. Power Distribution Block Should be regularly cleaning the cabinet equipment, check the wiring terminals, check the switches, contactor is good, internal has no overheating phenomenon, should regularly check the distribution cabinet sealing performance, Power Distribution Block prevent small animals into or inside condensation. For the humid areas are also equipped with flooding, Power Distribution Block dryers and so on. Should check the installation location is firm, not skew sway.

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