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Power Distribution Block Protective Switch

Leakage protector and air switch as the electricity of the two necessities, the safety of electricity has played a huge role. But there is such a phenomenon: leakage protector is not installed, Power Distribution Block only the installation of air switch or knife switch.

What is the reason why the leakage protector is not installed? We may often encounter this situation, missed the leakage protection device for no reason (of course, Power Distribution Block is not really no reason, but where the leakage we do not know it). If you can not find where the frequent leakage, as long as the power, the protector soon trip again. In order not to affect the use, simply put the leakage protection device to uninstall, leaving only the air switch.

In fact, the leakage of the protection device is omitted there is a huge security risk. Protector trip because there must be leakage of the place, since the leakage, Power Distribution Block then there may be an electric shock situation. If there is no protector, the consequences of electric shock after the people would have been conceived.

A little knowledge of power-related knowledge of the know, leakage protection and air switch is actually a protective switch. The former can monitor the leakage current of the protected circuit, to a certain value on the disconnect circuit, which can monitor the circuit of high current, Power Distribution Block when the current exceeds a certain value will trip, Power Distribution Block that is, with short circuit and overload protection function. The two were charged with different functions, less one, we lack a protection, security will be reduced. Then encounter protector often tripped, how do we do?

Xiao Bian gives a few suggestions for reference only:

The safest approach is to ask professional electric workers to help check the leakage of electricity in the home circuit, we personally do not know what method, professionals must know, Power Distribution Block but also a way and tools, simple and easy, but we want Pay a fee.

Do not install a leakage protector only on the home bus line. The wider the range of protection for a leakage protector, the greater the probability and frequency of tripping. So in addition to the bus line to install a leakage protection device, is likely to occur in the leakage and prone to electric shock place also installed one, Power Distribution Block so even if there is a local leakage, Power Distribution Block it will not lead to a complete blackout of the whole family.

Use qualified appliances, do not just want to seek cheap. Cheap electrical work is certainly not good, the quality of the material and the corresponding protective measures are imperfect, Power Distribution Block invisible to plant a hidden danger. The general people may think, I spent so long time also nothing ah, do not always worry about that worry, no need. In fact, this chances in the electricity which is the most terrible, Power Distribution Block ten thousand times the risk may be hit once, but once enough to produce irreversible consequences.

Then there is no one situation can save leakage protection device? The answer is yes, yes.

The air switch is divided into two cases: one is a simple air switch, only with short circuit and overload protection function; Power Distribution Block the other is in addition to short circuit and overload protection function, but also has leakage protection.