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XLR Connector Important Trend

The connector is a mechanical and electrical component; provides a bridge connecting the system, subsystems or components; transmits signals or energy; XLR Connector is an indispensable product for electrical and electronic products. The connector allows the electrical and electronic systems to be separable and separable so that the system does not make any changes but can maintain, maintain or update parts or subsystems, XLR Connector which have a great and far-reaching impact on the electrical and electronics industry, the importance of industrial development One of the trends is standardization and modularity, because standardization and modularization greatly simplify product design, production, installation and use, greatly reducing production costs. The appearance of the connector to the electrical and electronic industry, and even other industries in the standardization and modular aspects of a qualitative leap, so the connector industry since its inception since the rapid development, almost all aspects of the industrial use, it can be said that in the photoelectric Energy transmission process almost can not leave the connector, XLR Connector the connector development prospects are very good, is considered a sunrise industry. The difference between the connector and the general component is that it not only does not deal with the transmitted signal or energy, but also as much as it does not affect the original signal or energy (the signal is not distorted, the energy is not lost),XLR Connector which is similar to the switch Role --- but the switch can not achieve separation.

In these years, "prosperity" under the scene, the Chinese manufacturing began to undergo reborn within the transformation and reconstruction. Especially in recent years, with the disappearance of China's demographic dividend, foreign manufacturing is gradually transferred to Southeast Asia and India, Brazil, Mexico and other countries with low labor costs. Western developed countries put forward the concept of manufacturing return, the future of China's industry should consider how to long-term enhance the capacity of China to create and industrial investment, business environment. Today we see the "high-end do not go, low-end difficult to maintain" the dilemma, XLR Connector it is inevitable transformation of the chaos and must be temper.

In the market economy, the market is undoubtedly the vane of the enterprise, XLR Connector is the decisive factor in the allocation of enterprise resources. Understanding of the market is the prerequisite for business. In the past, our connector industry to foundry, imitation-based, less sense of market research, coupled with the lack of government awareness of the service, the market data taboo jealousy, tight-lipped. With the country into the transition period, industrial upgrading impatient, manufacturing R & D innovation is the best choice, the state forced the situation in this year also had to start the implementation of large data strategy, market information will be more detailed, accurate and open. (Such as cars, computers and peripherals, mobile phones, XLR Connector and industrial), the market segments of the connector industry, such as cars, computers and peripherals, mobile phones, industrial, and other parts of the connector industry, Market ratio, structure and increase the data, the connector in the emerging industry market data, in addition to the downstream industry trends and new technologies will be nurtured out of the new market research. . These data information is undoubtedly the long-term business and the healthy development of the industry essential to provide connector industry market information, and guide the healthy development of the industry, service connector industry, XLR Connector to achieve manufacturing services, power connector to upgrade the industry.

When the connector is unavoidably applied to the case of high current transmission, XLR Connector the high current transmission technology has two main directions: to reduce the Joule heat generation / to reduce the resistance and to improve the heat dissipation capacity. In addition to ensuring a reasonable interface structure, we have to study in the other performance requirements on the basis of how to improve the conductivity of the terminal material and thermal conductivity,XLR Connector how to increase the size of the terminal, how to make the terminal section flat, how to make the terminal as much exposure In the air (to increase the stability requirements of the interface), how to use less plastic (need to have sufficient support strength) and reduce the height of the plastic, how to test the current carrying capacity of the connector in the industry there is a certain controversy, Technology applied to the development of high current connectors, which need to spend energy research.